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Welcome Posting and Toasting!

So you all may know that regular blog contributor Seth had a blog of his own about the New York Knicks.  It was called Your New York Knicks, and it was a really good fan site and whatnot.   The best part about it was, for being a Knicks fan, Seth always was able to laugh at himself (and his team) for the moves Isiah made.  With all the homers out there, you had to appreciate Seth's self-reflective abilities.

Anyway, why do I mention this all?  Because Seth is the latest to join the network, as he's moved to Posting and Toasting.  I don't get the reference, but apparently, it's a "New York" thing.  (Actually, it's a Clyde Frazier thing, but shhhh...)

Seth's been a big contributor here ever since this site has started, so go over there, say hello, and congratulate him.  I order you.