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Hawks 100, Wizards 97

It would be pointless to go on an angry rant, so I'll let you guys do that instead in the comments.  

My main problems are twofold (alright, fourfold).

  1.  It seems like this team is turning the ball over a lot more than last year's team, which wouldn't make sense if you consider that JJ was replaced by DeShawn.  I'm probably just guessing based on the naked eye, but I feel like there have been a number of games where turnovers have really hurt.  Tonight, it's just inexcusable to turn the ball over 21 times against the Atlanta Hawks.  There's no other way around it.
  2.  The Hawks did the right thing and pounded it inside, with Zaza Pachulia doing most of the damage.  Yet with the game on the line, EJ decided to go to that annoying small lineup again, playing Jamison at center.  Obviously, Pachulia is going to kill you when Jamison is the guy guarding him.  It probably would have paid to play Brendan there, even if he was playing as bad as he was.
  3.  The Big 3 were good.  Everyone else?  Not so much.  DeShawn was positively awful today, going 1 for 8 and turning the ball over 5 times.  And nobody on the bench did anything, which is a real shame because I thought they had really turned a corner.
  4.  I'm not a huge fan of the term "killer instinct," if only because it's overused.  But this is yet another time where the Wizards fail to stomp on a bad team when they have the chance.  Considering that Miami is actually rounding into form, as witnessed by their 33 point beatdown of Chicago, this concerns me greatly.  The Wizards had a 10 point lead, but didn't finish the deal against a bad team.  Yes, this was the second game of a back-to-back, but you have to be able to finish off a Hawks team that's already bad and is also missing their best player and another solid starter.  I mean, Solomon Jones started for them tonight.  Seriously!
The floor is open for ranting.  And frankly, it's well deserved.

By the way, a long post on Jarvis is coming tomorrow.  I was simply waiting for the right time to unleash it.