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Early draft talk

One might think it's too early to discuss something like this, but since I'm a huge draft buff (and a huge college hoops fan...M-A-R-Y-L-A-N-D WILL WIN), I'm going to throw this topic out there.

The Wizards will likely own a pick somewhere in the early-to-mid 20s in the 2007 NBA Draft.  Right now, that pick is #23, but it's been higher and lower at different points this season.

So who do the Wizards take?  Here's a list of Chad Ford's 20-30 prospects to give you guys an idea of people in our range.

  • 21.  Marcus Williams, SG, Arizona
  • 22.  Darrell Arthur, PF, Kansas
  • 23.  Nicolas Batum, SF, France
  • 24.  Tiago Splitter, PF, Brazil
  • 25.  Rodney Stuckey, SG, Eastern Washington
  • 26.  Herbert Hill, PF, Providence
  • 27.  Rudy Fernandez, SG, Spain
  • 28.  Hasheem Thabeet, C, Uconn
  • 29.  Morris Almond, SG, Rice
  • 30.  Dominic James, PG, Marquette

Granted, we still don't know who's declaring and who's staying in school.  But the discussion is an interesting one, because we have to identify what this team actually needs.

So let's think about it.  What do the Wizards need, and who might be around to fill the void in the mid-20s?  Throw out some ideas here.