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Yesterday's game: Even wierder than you thought

Somehow, the ending to yesterday's game was even more ridiculous than we thought.  This comes from the Wizards Insider blog.  

Now, here's where things went really crazy. The Golden State bench went nuts and Don Nelson charged onto the court where I clearly heard him yell at Brothers: "Tony, you are a (naughty word) idiot!" The really funny part came next. Butler was standing right there next to Brothers when Nelson said it and Butler, turning into king instigator, goes: "Ooohhh. Did you hear that? T him up!" Sure enough, Stafford stepped in and hit Nellie with a T. The refs then came over right next to us and looked at a video review but I'm still not sure what the heck they were looking for. Whether time had expired? When the foul was made? How much to put on the clock? The whole thing was bizarre.

This kind of adds to my belief that the Wizards got lucky to win this one.  The referees lost total control of the game, and it's unfortunate that it had to end this way.  

Then again, however, Gilbert Arenas DID have to make the free throws, and the Warrior players did their best to make the situation seem like Game 6 of last year's playoff series against Cleveland.  

So Gilbert takes his free throws. As he gets ready for the third and final one, he turns to the Golden State bench and says: "Go to the lockeroom. Get on the bus. It's over."

This was after Harrington, Jason Richardson and Matt Barnes (of all people) walked by Gilbert and chirped in his ear. Richardson said something about "Benihana" It had to be his answer to Gilbert's "hibachi" fixation. Anyway, just before Gilbert took and made the last shot, I caught eye contact with Antawn Jamison and he gave me one of those huge grins he's famous for. He knew Gilbert was making it. And he did.

It's become painfully obvious that Arenas now gets the star treatment, especially at home.  There's no doubt in my mind that he was fouled, but with most people, they won't get that call at the end of the day.  Arenas did, and he's been getting them a lot recently.  That's a testament to his improvement as a player.