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OT: Final four open thread

Since I figure everyone will be watching anyway.

Post all thoughts here, particularly those that pertain to a players' professional aspirations.

And if you have anything negative to say about Billy Packer, put it here as well.

I'm sure many of you are Georgetown fans, and since my bracket is squashed anyway, I'll be rooting for them, even though I'm a Maryland guy.  It's not like Maryland and Georgetown are bitter rivals anyway.

I'm really curious to see how Hibbert matches up with Oden.  As Bill Simmons said on the Daily Dish podcast with Chad Ford, this is a make or break game for Hibbert.  If he has a great game, he's convinced me that he'll be a legitimate good to great center in the NBA.  If he doesn't, he's Brendan Haywood reincarnated.  It'll be interesting to see.