Wiz vs. Raps, Mar. 30: Ouch

I was in Section 426 (upper deck, the view is right behind one of the baskets--not the best spot) for this one, man was it exciting.  Here are some thoughts that I posted elsewhere on the web:

    * Game started slow, then the Raps were draining shots, and then they weren't. The Wiz didn't look to be in much of a flow with the Big 3 on-and-off all night. The TOs from the Raps were a godsend, though--we had great open-court play.
    * A friend of mine was yelling at Ruffin/EJ the entire game...can't blame him after what happened. The arena was in complete shock for about 30 seconds...and I knew it was going in once the shot went up. Wow. That sucked. I could only hold my head in my hands...
    * Bosh getting hot in the OT doomed us...why was Ruffin playing star minutes? Brendan, Etan, and Calvin got the shaft in terms of PT tonight. And I didn't see a single good play from Ruffin all night. Ouch...
    * TJ Ford, Anthony Parker, and Joey Graham all gave us huge problems. Those guys can shoot, especially wide-open jumpers, man. TJ broke us down with penetration, as any guard does due to Gilbert getting beat by dribble penetration continually.
    * We missed Blatche for guarding Bosh...he was raising up effortlessly over Etan, AJ, and Ruffin of course--over Booth and Brendan, I can't make a judgment, since they didn't get more than 10 minutes each.
    * There were some absolutely electrifying moments--Arenas's later-discounted 3 at the end of the 3rd was probably the best one. We were screaming our heads off for at least thirty seconds...

(Less serious stuff from the game follows...)  

    * The jumbotron was pretty annoying--they refused to show replays of any key plays and instead rolled contrived highlight reel tape from random games in the season. Bleh.
    * People in the 400's were NOT standing up during that nail-biting sequence in the end of the fourth, while the entire lower bowl was on their feet. People still don't seem to be that enthusiastic about games at the Verizon Center.
    * G-Man is awesome (he can throw wadded-up T-shirts really far), G-Wiz is all right. They had this b-boy/girl crew come out that was pretty cool.
    * They put a lot of ice in their sodas at the VC.
    * There was a funny clip on the jumbotron about which Wiz looked at himself in the mirror the most. Unanimous decision: DeShawn Stevenson.
    * Does anyone else think TJ Ford sorta looks like Tiger Woods? Very few of my friends did: here's my evidence.
    * A really fun game to be at (I got really caught up in the moments, though now obviously I've leveled out emotionally by now)...I hope the Wiz can regroup after this...that OT was just a formality, we lost after that ball swished past that glaring red square...

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