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If this doesn't mean Michael Ruffin shouldn't play...

...then I don't know what does.

Hey, maybe if I throw Dixon in the air, we'll win!

Full recap coming later, and this was obviously not the only thing that cost the Wizards this game, but this is the place to air out all your frustrations regarding arguably the dumbest play I have ever seen.

I mean, what exactly do you gain from throwing the ball in the air?  Why not just...oh I don't know...HOLD ONTO THE BALL?  All they can do is foul you, and if you're a competent basketball player, hit one free throw.  Even if you miss, they only have like a second to make a three.  

The other alternative is, what if Ruffin was prematurely celebrating?  If he was, I think all discussions of him as a "consummate professional" can stop.  I mean, how can they continue after that boneheaded play?

Now, of course, one could also wonder why Ruffin was even on the floor, but fans of this team know that's a pointless question to ask.

Anyway, I'm emotionally screwed up at this point, and I'm definitely not thinking rationally, but as thebigc1982 said, can we ban Ruffin to Siberia?  Seriously.