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Open Thread and Contest: Game 70

Regular Season Game 70
Sixers (28-42) vs. Wizards (37-32)
Verizon Center
7 PM

Previous Results:
Wizards 113, Sixers 98.
Wizards 92, Sixers 85.

First off, scroll down to read Bullets Forever's interview with Dan Steinberg.  If you're here from True Hoop or the impending Bog link, welcome to Bullets Forever.  Take a look around, vote in the poll, and be sure to create an account so you can write comments and diaries.  If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an e-mail anytime.  Bullets Forever isn't just a blog, it's also your online Wizards community.

Anyway, the Wizards return home tonight to play a pesky Philadelphia 76ers team.  Believe it or not, Phily is only 4 games out of the 8th playoff spot, and they've won 10 of their last 14 games.  Andre Iguodala has emerged since the Allen Iverson trade, and guys like Kyle Korver and Samuel Dalembert are having their best seasons.  It also helps to have a steadying presence like Andre Miller in the backcourt.

For the Wizards, Caron Butler is a game-time decision, but I'd be shocked if he doesn't play considering the circumstances.  The Wizards are now 2-12 in games that Tuff Juice doesn't play over the last two seasons.  Meanwhile, Andray Blatche is definitely out tonight with a knee injury.

On the Wizards Insider blog, Michael Lee is in a very doom-and-gloom mood.  He places a large portion of the blame on Gilbert Arenas.

Is it just me, or does it seem like Gilbert has lost some of his edge since being voted onto the all-star team? He doesn't seem to carry the same chip on his shoulder. Somebody needs to make him angry again. Maybe he should take a page from Kobe Bryant and start getting suspended for throwing elbows or something.

I mean, what more can he do on the offensive end?  He won a game for them all by himself in Seattle, and he's consistently putting up 30+ points and getting to the free throw line.  No, the problem with this team is defense, and, as I mentioned the other day, rotation inconsistencies.  There's also the problem of injuries to Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler to a roster that really needs the Big 3 in there at the same time.  The whole "blame the star" axiom really bothers me.  It's the same type of thing with Kobe Bryant, which is why, as FB&G mentioned, it's so ridiculous that Kobe is being criticized for his scoring.  Usually, the star is the only thing you can rely on, and failure is really due to other factors.  Arenas isn't the problem with this team; it's far bigger and more complex than that.

Sixers blogs: Passion and Pride, Depressed Fan.

Your lines for tonight:

Sixers at Wizards: Wizards by 7
Over/Under on Big 2/3 (vote both until further notice): 48.9/68.0 points.

This is an open game thread, so do Shavlik Randolph a favor and don't bring your gayness on him.