The Next Hibachi?

[Editor's Note: From the diaries. This is an intriguing comparison, although I personally would like to see Lofton develop better slashing ability. But in terms of players in the college game, I don't think there's any better comparison. -Pradamaster]

Like any good player, eventually they are going to be used to describe players on the up and up.  Most notably the continuing saga to find "The Next MJ".  While I think we all can agree that we'll never find the next MJ, or the next Magic, or the next Larry Bird, it's always interesting to compare present or past players to those on the rise.  With that said, I'd like to introduce who I think is the first player that will be compared to Gilbert Arenas, Chris Lofton.

Chris Lofton, as you may know, is the star guard for the Tennessee Volunteers and much like Gilbert Arenas played at the 2 spot despite being slightly undersized for the position. Let's look at the tale of the tape, taking the stats from each player's sophmore year:

If that's not scary enough consider these points:

-Chip on their shoulder-We all know Arenas's story about taking the number 0 after being told he'd play 0 minutes at Arizona.  Lofton, despite being Mr. Basketball in Kentucky wasn't recruited by Kentucky or Louisville a snub he carries with him as motivation at Rocky Top.

-Late night shooting-Both players rigorous work ethic involves many shooting sessions that last long after the sun goes down.  Gilbert has been known to go long past midnight working on his jumper, Lofton doesn't go nearly as long but he still has to deal with classes.

-Clutch shooting-Arenas has ice water in his veins, So does Chris.

-Unlimited range-You've already seen Gil's ability to hit the deep three, now compare that with this mix I found on the YouTube of Chris Lofton's deep shots:

-Quirks-Ummm...still working on that one.

So what do you all think?  Am I on to something or am I just looking into this too much?  Also, if you have any other players that you think have Agent Zero-like qualities feel free to post them.

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