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Open Thread: Anything

I'm completely drowned in work today (and yesterday, for that matter), so no links/analysis/articles or anything of the sort today.

Talk amongst yourselves about anything, Wizards or NCAA Tournament related.  

[Pradamaster's bracket, which started with such strong promise after a great showing last year, died yesterday after two of it's final four teams were upset.  It was four days old.]  

Your standings for the Bullets Forever pool, by the way.

  1.  JakeTheSnake: 52
  2.  B Farr Out (who is this?): 49
  3.  josh: 48
  4.  facedkr: 47
  5.  Seth: 46
  6.  Pradamaster: 44
  7.  jackpitt: 43
  8.  Mac G: 43
  9.  steelers1016: 37
  10.  seanjohn: 37
  11.  sirnazy: 36
Today's discussion question to ponder:

Do you think Eddie's schitzophrenia with Andray Blatche has to do with bad practice habits?  If so, do you think that justifies deactivating him and potentially starting even Michael Ruffin in his place?

Discuss.  I'll be back tomorrow, most likely.  If you see something interesting, make it a diary, and I'll promote it if I feel so inclined.