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Knicks 90, Wizards 89


When you let a bad/mediocre team hang around for a while, this is what happens.  Making matters worse is that this is all on the players, because Eddie didn't resort to smallball at the end.  

I really don't want to talk much about this one.  When your three perimeter guys shoot a combined 14-39, you allow Jared freaking Jeffries to grab 8 offensive rebounds, and you don't continually get to the line after putting the Knicks in the penalty early in the fourth, you deserve to lose.  It would have been a lot worse if the Knicks weren't so awful from the free throw line.  

With Miami coming up tomorrow, this will really sting.  The division lead is down to 2, and if recent trends in back-to-backs and against the Heat are any indication, the lead will be just one after tomorrow.  

Seriously though, these are the types of games the Wizards kept winning, thereby avoiding the far greater problem of letting these teams stick around.  Now that the Wizards have finally lost a close game at home like this, hopefully the team can see the problem.  When this team gets up for games, as they did against Toronto this week, they can win easily.  It's just a matter of getting up for games more consistently.