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Open Thread and Contest: Game 60

Regular Season Game 60
Wizards (34-27) at Heat (32-29)
American Airlines Arena
6 PM

Previous Results:
Wizards 106, Heat 95.
Heat 92, Wizards 83.

Huck the Feat!

Seriously, I don't really have time for an extensive preview, but we all know the importance of this game.  A Wizards loss, and Miami is just one game back of first place in the division.  Considering the way both teams are playing right now, that could very well be the situation after the game.

In the last game, the Wizards decided to single-cover Shaq and not give open looks to the shooters.  With Jason Kapono out, I think the strategy needs to change.  Shaq's playing great ball now, so the Wizards need to double on him a lot and do everything they can to get the ball out of his hands.  

Of far greater concern is the offense, which is averaging less than 100 points per game in the last 17 contests.  Caron Butler needs to have a big scoring game, because otherwise, the load falls too heavily on Arenas.

The Wizards are 4-11 on the second game of back-to-backs.  They absolutely need to make it 5-11 today.

Your lines for tonight:

Wizards at Heat: Heat by 4.5.
Over/Under on Big 3: 67.8 points.

This is an open game thread, and it also doubles as an open thread for Selection Sunday (as well as this thread by Drexel student steelers1016).