OT: The Drexel Dragons

Today in college basketball for a ton of teams around the country is judgement day.  Out of conference schedules and road wins will be judged.  Formulas will be made and ignored.  There is NO good way to do it.

Drexel is 23-8 overall, with a 13-8 in conference schedule.  They have big road wins over Syracuse, Villanova, Creighton, and Nevada.  The one knock on drexel is 5 of their losses have come to VCU and Old Dominion.

The argument is they are 40th in the RPI, are in the CAA, breeder of George Mason, and they have many road out of conference wins.  Some have them in, others have them out.  I don't know about you guys but I am tired of seeing all the bids go to big state schools with all the money.

Prediction: Drexel with be a 12 seed in the Midwest playing Texas A&M in the first round.

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