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Heat 92, Wizards 83

There's probably no game that illustrates the drop off between the Big 3 and the rest of the team better than tonight's loss to the Heat.  

Truth be told, the Wizards did a lot of things well tonight.  They held Miami to 42 percent shooting, and they didn't let their shooters, particularly Jason Kapono, James Posey, and Antoine Walker, go off on them like they did in the first matchup.  They fought back from an early deficit, and were right there in the end.  

The one thing the Wizards didn't do was shoot the ball well, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to conclude that bad shooting means bad offense.  Gil was an awful 3 for 18, and Jarvis Hayes returned to his normal ways with a 4 for 14 night.  

The unfortunate reality is that this team is not a really deep one.  Besides the Big 3 and DeShawn Stevenson, the Wizards have a couple centers better suited to being backups, a small forward obsessed with 20 foot contested jumpers, a Euro-style forward who's slow and isn't a great rebounder, and a bunch of undersized combo guards.  Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison mean more to this team than anyone would care to admit.  Gil can't do his thing without Butler's isolation ability and Jamison's offensive savy and ability to set up on pick and pops.  

Jamison is coming back very soon, and provided that Butler's injury is not as serious as it sounds, the Wizards will be back in business soon.  But these last few games have underscored the need to get quality bench players.  Hopefully, that's something the Wizards can do in the offseason.