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Gilbert Arenas day

With no Friday game for the second week in a row (seriously, how crazy is that) and no game until Sunday's blacked-out, must-see TV against Portland, I dub this Friday Gilbert Arenas day.

We start with this TIME Magazine profile.  It doesn't really tell us much that NBA aficionados already know, but it's well researched and sheds new light on a person most of their subscribers don't really know.  

But the far bigger story, for our blog's sake, is that Arenas updated his blog today, and if I do say so myself, this one's the most entertaining yet.  

There's a lot of new stuff we learned with this entry.  We learn that he isn't making DeShawn Stevenson pay for losing the shooting contest, saying the whole point was just to shut him up.  We learn he admitted to cheating to get the win.  We learn that he's now setting his sights on Antawn Jamison, and will cheat if necessary.  

But personally, here's my favorite incite about Stevenson.  

"This is the same guy that says nobody can talk to him unless they're over 50 percent shooting. This is the same guy who put out a waiver release to talk to him, you had to sign a waiver release to talk to him. He has 300 waivers made so if anybody wanted to talk to him, they had to fill out the waiver first.

See, I couldn't let him win for the team. It was a team moral victory. It's not his ego. It's just that he does it because he's funny. That's how he is. He's just a funny person. He knows no one else is shooting 50 percent on the team. He says it just to irritate everybody.

"If you ain't shooting 50 percent, you can't talk to me."

And then that tells Caron he can say, "If you wasn't on the Oprah show, you can't talk to me."

So we have a big ol' swagfest going around. Just whoever has the most swag."

A waiver release form?  Brilliant! One more reason why I love this team.

Without knowing it, Arenas has entered the word "swagfest" into the lexicon of the collective NBA blogosphere.  Everyone's going to use this word now.

Finally, one last thing we learn is that Arenas is going to be blogging live from all-star weekend.  To say the least, I can't wait for Agent Zero to describe the ultimate swagfest that is all-star weekend.

Update [2007-2-9 16:32:39 by Pradamaster]:: The Bog's Dan Steinberg disputes Gil's blog entry, and I can't tell whether it's in good fun or not (it probably is, and I'll feel like a moron). He was confused about the waiver comment.

Wait, what? Huh? You need a waiver to speak with DeShawn? Who does? Gilbert? The media? Eddie Jordan? Nancy? Who? I've spoken with the man, and I've never filled out a waiver.