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The roundtable

I recently participated in a roundtable discussion on some of the key questions in the NBA at  Dennis Velasco asked the questions, and the following joined me as "experts" (the quotes are to characterize me more than anything).

The questions are as follows.  

Which players were snubbed from the all-star game?

Who deserves to take Yao Ming and Carlos Boozer's spots for the West since they are unable to play due to injury?

Is there any hope for the Celtics this season?

It makes sense for all parties involved to trade Pau Gasol.  Where does he go?

Who has played like the rookie of the year thus far?

How good are our neighbours up north, the Toronto Raptors?

How badly does the loss of Antawn Jamison and Carlos Boozer affect their respective teams?  (of course, I was the only one to say Boozer matters more, but I'm rethinking that).

Will Andrei Kirilenko ever get it together?

As my Jewish bretheren, the Beastie Boys, would say, che-che-che-che-che-check it out.