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He's back

NOTE: Scroll down for the Miami game thread and Chuck Klosterman on Gilbert Arenas.

From the blog.

Washington Wizards President of Basketball Operations Ernie Grunfeld announced today that the team has signed forward Mike Hall to a 10-day contract and waived center James Lang.

Lang becomes the latest Wizards big man project to be jettisoned, joining 7 foot 3 Peter John Ramos, who was waived before the season began.  

With Michael Ruffin coming back healthy and Oleisky Pecherov coming over next year, there simply was no room for Lang on the roster.  Meanwhile, with Caron Butler struggling with injuries, and with the lack of a third small forward on the roster, Mike Hall was a very logical callup.  He played well in training camp and missed the team only because of Darius Songaila's injury.  I might even consider playing him before Jarvis, but that probably isn't going to happen.

This is a very solid, if unheralded, move by Ernie.