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Open Thread and Contest: Game 55

I have a paper to write tonight, so no time for a really extensive game preview.  We'll just do the bare numbers.

Regular Season Game 55
Wizards (31-23) at Nets (27-30)
Continental Airlines Arena
7:30 PM

Previous Results: Nets 105, Wizards 93.  

Your lines for tonight:

Wizards at Nets: Nets by 4.5.
Over/Under: 49.5 for Arenas and Butler, 29.2 for Arenas.  

We still don't know for sure whether Caron will play, so when you make your picks, pick an over/under for both situations.

No Butler tonight, so pick the over/under for Arenas only.  

This is an open game thread, so any bad Vince Carter comments go here.