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Very quickly...

A couple quick updates about the contest.

-We officially have prizes for the two winners of each contest.  Winners will have a free poster of Gilbert Arenas' game-winner against the Jazz sent to them through the mail, curtesy Bullets Forever.  

I wish I could post a picture of the posters, but not only would that deflate some of the excitment, but it's also impossible because I lost my USB cable.

Right now, the two winners would be Jake the Snake for games and steelers1016 (somehow) for over/unders.  Remember, to be eligible for the prize, you have to pick at least 10 games or over/unders.  The standings are on the right sidebar, and those already eligible are denoted by all caps.

And in case you're wondering, the contest continues through the playoffs, presuming the Wizards make it.  The playoffs may be a second season in the real world, but it's not on Bullets Forever.    

-As far as yesterday goes, Jake correctly pointed out that, because Minnesota covered the spread exactly, it should be a push.  Therefore, knowing that not counting yesterday's game may jeopardize your ability to meet the 10-game minimum, I just called it a tie for everyone who participated.  The same goes, by the way, for the over/under, since Caron was a late-game scratch.  Obviously, it's unfair to say everyone lost just because one of the Big 2 didn't even play.

If Caron doesn't go tomorrow as well, it'll simply be a Big 1, where you predict whether Gilbert goes over or under his season average.  Admittedly, that's kind of boring, but what can you do when two-thirds of the Big 3 get hurt?

-Finally, on a completely unrelated note, I mentioned this over the weekend, but you really should go check out the first of (hopefully) many SB Nation basketball roundtable discussions over at Clips Nation.  

You may not be aware, but Bullets Forever is one of 10 team-specific NBA blogs on SB Nation, along with Blogabull, Clips Nation, Sactown Royalty, Pounding the Rock, Mavs Moneyball, Golden State of Mind, Blazers Edge, Bright Side of the Sun, and the newest member, Indy Cornrows.  All of these blogs are top-notch sites, and we are lucky that Bullets Forever is mentioned in the same sentence as them.

The question posed to all of us was the following.

If you were Commissioner of the NBA, what rules changes would you make immediately?

I'm curious to hear what you guys would do if you were named commissioner.  My answer differed from the general consensus, which amounted to eliminate defensive three seconds and make officials call games more consistently.  But the question is a really intriguing one, so go ahead and post your responses in the comments section here or there.