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Timberwolves 98, Wizards 94

I didn't catch a minute of this one, thanks to Delta Airlines cancelling my early morning flight before any snow even started falling.  Next time anyone needs to go back to college from home, stay away from Delta Airlines.  

As for the game itself, I'm kind of baffled as to how this was a four point game.  Despite not having  both Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison, and despite Gilbert Arenas shooting 4 for 22, the Wizards still hung around.  Maybe it was because Minnesota is bad, but it still made little sense.  

I'm tempted to just forget about this one, considering all the difficulties with the flight and the like.  This probably should have been a blowout loss, and it wasn't.

Before we go any further, is anyone really that surprised that Jarvis Hayes went 1 for 10 like he did, while his man, Ricky Davis, had a huge game?  After hitting some ridiculous shots against Chicago, he was due for a letdown.  Of course, this naturally meant that he should play 34 minutes while Antonio Daniels plays only 7.  Oh wait, no it doesn't.

I'm really worried about Caron's injury, even though everywhere I read indicates that it's not serious.  Back injuries are never something to be tread lightly; just ask Tracy McGrady.  In addition, Songaila's back injury was never supposed to be serious, but it kept getting worse and worse.  Before we knew it, he was gone for 4 months.  Says here that he should play Tuesday, but you never know.

Also, for those asking about Jamison, the Post is now saying he'll still be out for Tuesday's game.  It does appear that he's coming back soon, however.