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Open Thread: All-star Sunday

I guess I'm not really surprised Arenas finished second once again in the three-point shootout, but what was very surprising was Jason Kapono winning.  I remember hearing that he was taking the competition very seriously, and, like Damon Jones, had to lobby his way into the competition.  But I couldn't shake the thought that he was only shooting so well from downtown because of all the open looks he was getting from Dwayne Wade.  That's not to say he's not a great shooter, but I was thinking Dirk, Agent Zero, or Mike Miller was better.  

As for the rest of all-star Saturday, I couldn't believe Barkley won so badly.  I'm with True Hoop, it almost seemed like Bavetta was throwing the race.  There's no way he's that slow in real life, and it was kind of wierd how he basically refused to talk to Ernie Johnson.  Oh well.  

Oh, and Dwight Howard definitely should have gone to the finals for that one dunk.  I cannot believe they gave him a 42.  With all that being said though, Gerald Green's final dunk was pretty sick.  

Anyway, this is an open thread for tonight.  I have a feeling the East wins and Gilbert wins MVP.  Without all the point guards, I know he'll control the ball a lot, and that means a lot of shots.  I'm also curious to see Caron because he's been really bad since being selected for the team.  

By the way, what time in the game will Eddie Jordan whip out the 5 guard lineup?  I'm thinking midway through the second quarter and for the entire fourth quarter.  He'll say they were trying to create mismatches on the perimeter.  You know it will happen.