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Chris Duhon as a Wizard?

According to the Daily Southtown, Etan Thomas might be turned into Chris Duhon.  

If the Bulls are unable to pull off a blockbuster deal for a star big man such as Pau Gasol, then they may want to inquire about Washington Wizards forward-center Etan Thomas if they haven't already.

General manager John Paxson is known to like Thomas, who may be dealt after an altercation with teammate Brendan Hayward at practice recently.

It goes on.

The Wizards are said to be in the market for a defensive-minded guard such as Chris Duhon, who may be expendable. On the recent road trip, Duhon reclaimed his role as the third guard in the rotation.

This rumor honestly seems completely speculative (notice the vague wording, "is known," "are said," etc.), and I severely doubt it happens, but it's interesting to talk about nonetheless.  The Bulls would have to throw in another player to match contracts (someone like Michael Sweetney) for it to go down.  With his salary and production, I just don't see what Thomas adds to the Bulls, and while neither Duhon or Sweetney is a big loss for them, the fact that Thomas is signed through 2010 hurts them.  Why would they pay a backup center nearly 6 million dollars?

The greater question is whether the Wizards need a guy like Duhon.  The Blogabull guys really don't like Duhon, but I think he could fit in decently here.  He's somewhat defensive minded and he can play the point better than Arenas or Daniels.  At the right price, he might be worth it.  

Would you trade Etan Thomas to the Bulls in order to get Chris Duhon?

[Hat tip: Blogabull]