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Another guarantee? Really?

I've got a big test tomorrow, so let's make this quick.

Word from practice is that everything  is back to normal.  Gilbert Arenas and Eddie Jordan had a sitdown, and Jordan says things are now "very, very positive."  That's mostly good.

The bad news (well, sort of) is that, according to the Bog, Gilbert Arenas made another 50 point guarantee for the next time the Wizards play Portland.  This one kind of sounds like it was in jest, and not serious, but I thought Gil learned his lesson last Sunday.  Hopefully, he was just kidding around, and that didn't come through on the fine print.

Wages of Wins says that Antawn Jamison is among the most overrated players in the game.  David Berri explains.  

Before Dan Shanoff, Matthew Yglesias, and other Wizard fans become too irate seeing Jamison called "overrated", I would note that a) Jamison is above average in Wins Produced per 48 minutes [WP48] and b) the failure of the Wizards to succeed without Jamison recently is more a reflection of the inability of players like Andray Blatche and Darius Songaila to play very well. In other words, a player can look very good if his back-ups are very bad (a similar story can be told about Michael Redd, whose primary back-up is the very unproductive Charlie Bell).

Eh, I guess.  I still think a lot of it is the value of Jamison rather than the lack of value of Songaila and Blatche, but Berri has a point here.

Finally, as bad as it seems right now, I don't think anyone would want a return to this era, when these guys got traded away for overpriced veterans.