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Blazers 94, Wizards 73

Consider yourself humbled, Gilbert Arenas.  

We warned you (more accurately, he warned you, and I agreed).   You put yourself in this position of needing to score 50 points tonight.  Instead, you got 9.

Consider yourself humbled.  Because while you weren't the only Wizard who didn't play well, this loss is on you.  This embarrasing lost to the Portland freaking Trailblazers is on you.

I'm really hoping you respond well now.  I'm really hoping that you use this game as motivation for all the right things.  I'm really hoping that you'll truly become an assasin when your teams needs you most.  I'm really hoping that you'll try to do anything to help the team, even if it means you won't get your personal revenge against an assistant coach that didn't really do anything to cut you.  I'm really hoping you'll try to get to the free throw line again, because 3 free throws and 8 three pointers aren't going to cut it.  I'm really hoping you'll shoot better shots, because you're not hitting the ones you hit in December anymore.  

More importantly, I'm really hoping you become more of a leader, a guy who will use adversity to make your team better.  I'm really hoping you'll get Caron Butler going, like you did in this game.  I'm really hoping you bring your two feuding centers together and tell them to start getting along.  I'm really hoping you lead a defensive revival, starting with your own pathetic defense.

I also really know you can't do all of these things.  But you've done incredible things before, so you can do them again.

So far, it doesn't seem encouraging.  I'm really hoping you didn't mean those postgame comments where you complained that it "takes the air" out of a offensive team when you tell them they need to play defense.  I'm really hoping that was just an act of frustration, and I'm really hoping Eddie Jordan calls you out on it.  

But I'm really hoping you can turn it around because I believe in you.  You've done too much for this city to stop now.  I'm really hoping you can respond, because you've put this city in a situation where we are outraged over recent stretches like these.  You've put us in a situation where losses to Phoenix and San Antonio are a problem.  Now, after a loss that's a problem no matter what, I'm really hoping you'll show some toughness and respond.

People are starting to doubt you.  Those that criticize you for being a selfish player who'll never lead a championship-caliber team are coming back.  I'm really hoping you can capitalize on your reputation for playing hard to prove your doubters wrong.  

This is your team, Gilbert.  For better or for worse, you have to be the leader.  I know you're only 25, but you have to step into the role.  Now, after it's become clear that Gilbertology needs to take a backseat, you need to adjust your approach.  Do it, because I've spent too much time believing in you.