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No Your Links 12/6/07

  • Once again, the Bog shows why it's the best.  Yesterday Steinz had two great stories on the Wizards, one about Nick Young's "Jordan-like" character and the other one on the Wizards special guest, and his rocky conversations with everyone.
    (Just for reference, when Nick Young says his behind the back 360 dunk has over 100,000 views which is only off by about 20,000.  But for the sake of furthering his dunk campaign, I'll just interpret that as saying that's he's performed the dunk in front of 100,000 people, not including YouTube viewers.
  • The latest edition of the Domi.Nick Effect and the first edition of The AB Magic Show, are up.
  • Andray's new vlog isn't the only video he's been on this week, check out this find from FreeDarko.
  • Man, all that intensity against the Cavs on Wednesday, you'd think that they were out for revenge or something.  No one was clownin' around, that's for sure.
  • From time to time, Rod Strickland was accused of hot dogging on the court but this is just ridiculous.
  • Caron's shoes are looking good, especially when they're not touching the ground.
  • Speaking of skywalkers...
  • I know some of you are probably upset over Jason Campbell's injury last night, but at least you can take heart in knowing that it was part of a conspiracy.  If those are the kinds of things that make you feel better.
  • I Rite Goode.  I Predikt Badd.