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Youtubesman Report: Live-blogging Oleksiy's trip to school

Recently as part of the NBA's Read to Achieve program, Oleksiy Pecherov spent an afternoon reading to elementary school kids.  An event like this couldn't go without someone recapping the events, after the jump you can get a full analysis of what went down.

0:08 - Were the kids jumping up and down at the start of the movie some sort of homage to when the Wizznutzz went to China?

0:14 - With a handshake like that, O-Pec's career after basketball just has to include some time in politics.

0:22 - "They prepared by wearing different Wizards outfits."

Of course, no one came dressed like Big Oily, but I digress.

0:31 - You might not have been able to hear it, but after each signature he said "I get Hancocks, son."

0:44 - You know you've really arrived in the NBA when a 6 year old thinks 3 or 4 people are going to come to your event.

1:05 - "We read 'Pirates Don't Change Diapers.'"

He already has an auto-biography out?!?

1:05 - "A for Alphabet of Basketball."

Here's a sampling from the book:

A is for ankle, which is better when not broken.  
B is for buckets, son.  
D is for Dalmatians, the rap group that you'll star in when you hit big time.  
H is for HORSE, the game that you'll always lose to your assistant coach.

1:19 - "Rebound is very important."

Are you listening Darius?

1:48 - How long do you think it took for that kid to get that signed jersey up on eBay?


Of course knowing eBay, it'll still probably go for about $39.

1:52 - O-Pec says that he enjoyed spending time with the kids, which is good.  Although had he gone the opposite way it would've led to easily the most bloggable moment of all-time.

1:52 - Since when do kids get to take digital cameras to school?

2:05 - Pecherov is 5 feet tall.  Awesome.

2:09 - "His name is Oleksiy?"

2:18 - "Uhh...that one."

Don't feel bad, that's what DeShawn calls him too!

2:22 - "And now, the point guard of the Wizards.  Standing 5 feet tall out of the Ukraine, UHHHH...THAT GUY!!!!"

2:27 - "I love Pesh now, he's really, really good."

Note who's standing in the background.

3:02 - You might laugh at the kid for putting homework over going to a Wizards game, but I think he has his reasons.

After the camera stopped - Oleksiy told the kids a captivating story about how wrestled three bears and won.  Of course, the story was completely made up but none of the kids knew any better.  Now they all call him "Uhh...The Bear-Wrestler Guy."