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Quality Shots

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I have a long Abe Pollin post due up later tonight, but for now, a few links.

  • The fact that December has fewer back-to-backs will help Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison.  Also in that article is the news that Abe is not letting Ernie go over the tax under any circumstances.  Too bad.
  • Look who's 16th on the PER rankings.
  • Brew Hoop is running weekly bloggers MVP/Rookie of the Year standings, and I participated (though I only really thought about it for five minutes).  If you're wondering where the Caron Butler MVP and Nick Young Rookie of the Year votes came from, you now know.
  • In what should hardly be a surprise, the shooting coach crushed the rookie in a shooting contest.  (Sidenote: Dave Hopla came to speak to my basketball camp when I was in elementary school, and throughout the speech, he was calmly draining half court shots without even trying.  It was funny how we had to clear away the entire court just so he could do his thing.)
  • I think I was wrong about the Magic.
  • Another Michael Jordan GM blunder.  Danny Ferry should send MJ a fruit basket.
  • Billy King is out as Sixers GM.  Two years too late, methinks.
  • Here's a somewhat strange article by SI's Steve Aschburner about the popularization of new types of stats in the NBA.  I say strange because I honestly can't follow it, though that's probably because I'm sitting in class right now.

Per usual, drop any more relevant links in the comments.

BONUS: Did you know that Caron Butler is on pace to have the highest single season three-point shooting percentage ever? No word on if it is in anyway related to the Mountain Dew ban.

DOUBLE BONUS: Antonio Daniels is THE MAN! Andohbytheway, the Nick Young for the Slam Dunk Contest campaign has made it all the way to regional cable.