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Resolutions for the New Year

With 2008 (and DeShawn and Andray's party) just hours away, it's probably a good time to consider what resolutions the Wizards might be making as they head into the coming year.

1. Tone up those saggy areas.
Only 10 teams have a lower opposing field goal percentage than the Wizards, but 27 teams are better at defending the arc.  "Live by the three, die by the three" is as true for the offense as it is for the defense.
2. Tone up everything else.
Here's what Vanilla Gorilla (the BF member, not Joel Pryzibilla) said about Nick Young and Dominic McGuire's trying to look like boxers:

Mary mother of God someone get those two young fellas a sandwich and a weight set. Maybe that pushup thing they sell constantly on NBA TV.
3. Avoid Darrell Reid at all costs.
If a 280 lb. defensive tackle is running at you full speed, consider staying out of the way.
4. Give some major props to Antawn Jamison.
Not many players can score 13,000 points and pull down 5,000 rebounds during their career.
5. Refer Mike Wilks to Golden State.
In the not-very-shocking news department, Inside Hoops is reporting that the Wizards have waived Mike Wilks.  Thankfully for Mike, the Warriors could use another PG right around now.
6. Grant Bullets Forever some player interviews.
It's been on your to-do list for a while right?  Right???
7. Be unique in your fashion.
Because nothing is worse than trying to steal someone's look, especially if you're trying to pull off the look that the Lakers had going last night.  80's shorts and HDTV just don't go well together.