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It was a symbolic demolition. Nothing more.

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Highest Plus/Minus: Caron Butler (+30)
Lowest Plus/Minus: Money Making McGuire (-11)

I'm sure that Pradamaster will have more analysis on the game (since he was there and all) but here's some quick things that I gathered from the game last night.

  • The reason you're seeing Caron Butler wear a headband less and less is because he has eyes in the back of his head.
  • If Darius Songaila was about 3,000 times faster he'd be one the best point guards in the league.  His two assists to Andray last night were absolutely beautiful.
  • Speaking of beautiful, that one shot by Antawn Jamison (number two on the NBA TV's Top 10 last night) was just awesome.  That's going to make its way into the slideshow one way or another.
  • How are OJ Mayo and Dwyane Wade going to mesh next year?
  • All things considered, going 3-4 over a stretch when the team's only point guard was Mike Wilks isn't that bad.
  • The quote of the night comes courtesy the Miami Herald:
    It's a safe bet the Heat had the shortest warm-up line in the league before Saturday night's game against the Wizards.

    The team carried just 10 players on the trip to Washington, with Jason Williams (knee), Chris Quinn (knee), Shaquille O'Neal (hips) and Smush Parker (conduct violation) all left behind. Alonzo Mourning is also out after having season-ending knee surgery.

    It's a shame the Heat didn't get a chance to play a team with only 10 healthy players last night or anything.