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No Your Links: 12/3/07

Here's some links to read up on while you enjoy Abe Pollin Day...

  • It would be criminal not to start off by talking about Gilbert's new blog entry, where he continues to tell Wizards fans not to panic among other things.
  • While we're on the subject of Gilbert, Moonman thinks that the Wizards are having more fun without Arenas. I can't say that I agree with him, but it's worth mentioning.
  • One more Arenas link, this one comes from The New Republic who basically spreads the blame around for Gilbert re-injuring his knee:
    In fact, it was easy to foresee this might happen. Arenas was clearly still hurting. He had the knee drained twice in the course of a couple weeks and iced it more or less constantly. Moreover, the Wizards' early schedule was extremely punishing, with several back-to-backs and stretches of three games in four nights. An opposing star, Jason Kidd, even publicly urged Arenas to get a second medical opinion and be careful about playing too many minutes. Yet despite all this, Jordan played his star guard just shy of 40 minutes a game. Though he was visibly hobbled, Arenas played 40 minutes in a 20-point blowout to the Celtics and 37 minutes in a 26-point loss to the Nuggets on the second day of a back-to-back. For a while, he was actually leading the entire league in minutes-per-game. Can anyone be surprised that he re-tore the surgically repaired meniscus in his knee?

  • Sam Rubenstein was at the Wizards-Raptors and he took some game notes, the best one (in my mind) was this nugget:
    This is only my second game covering the Wizards for SLAM but if Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler aren't All-Stars then we have failed as basketball fans. Butler has 15 at the break; Jamison has 12. More importantly, they are efficient. Straws finished the half 6-of-11 from the field; Jamison is 4-of-8. For the season, Straws is sitting at .525 and Jamison is .427.

  • AOL Fanhouse is impressed with how the Antawn Jamison has stepped it up in Gilbert's absence. The Wizznutzz are also impressed and added this stirring commentary on his game:
    "Meantime Antwan "Antawn" Jamison is scoring for 2 men. Ive never seen such an amazing variety of looping layins: Runners, Floaters, Finger Rolls, Tear Drops, Giant Killers, Soft Bombs, Rainbow Pots, Chip Shots, Silver Horseshoes, Hanging Judges, Til Tuesdays, Tender Mercies, Creeping Cheesewheels, Raised Eyebrows, Drag Chutes, Broken Slinkys, Randy QBerts, Johnny Reboulets...."

    In summary: Antawn Jamison = Hot, Jerry Stackhouse = Cold, cold, cold
  • What do you know, someone else hates JC Navarro.
  • Would you trade Etan Thomas for Damon Stoudamire?
  • DC Pro Sports Report previews the Wizards upcoming off-season.
  • The word of the day is "excited."
  • Les Bullez talks about The Pearl.
  • There are still people that think the Heat will make the playoffs over the Wizards.
  • Speaking of players from the Fab Five, it looks like Chris Webber had a fan from back at his days at Michigan. I'd ask you to guess who it was, but I'm pretty sure that no one would ever pick Bill Clinton.
  • Is that Jeff Ruland?
  • Here's a good reason to spend a little more time studying.