More fun to watch and having more fun playing

I have always been somewhat of a critic of Arenas so I don't know if I'm imagining this but since his injury the Wiz look like they're having a lot more fun playing and I'm looking forward toward their games for a change. The guys are sharing the ball, Butler is emerging as a borderline superstar (Jamison is coming up huge too), and players are moving without the ball cause they know there's a good chance with this offense if they're open they'll probably get it. Daniels is doing a great job running the team, although I agree with jvflail's earlier post that if he goes down we are in a gigantic amount of trouble with no backup whatsoever. If someone could explain to me why Daniels was out of the last two minutes of the Philly game that'd be great (did I miss a foul or injury). Our offense is a bit of a debacle when he's not there to get it started. Jamison was quoted in the post as saying "I'm having the most fun in my 10-year career" and it looks like the rest of the team is having a great time too. We are playing with more energy, more enthusiasm, and are more fun to watch because of it. I hope Eddie Jordan learns something from this and when Arenas does come back he starts and plays him at shooting guard so maybe we can maintain the chemistry we have going. Shoot first point guards simply don't work. Unfortuantely I don't see Jordan making the move or Gilbert accepting Daniels running the show.

Nick Young is looking like a phenomenal pick by the way.

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