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Group project time!

Since I got an Antawn Jamison jersey a couple of days ago, I figured it would be a good time to start this little project that I've had in my head for a while.  We all know that Antawn Jamison has one of the most unique offensive games in all of the NBA. His dizzying array of floaters, scoops, and just about any other unorthodox shot available in his repertoire makes him a challenging assignment for anyone who has the task of guarding him.  Now I'm going to try and document all of the crazy shots he's taken over the years but I'm going to need your help.  To do this, I've started a group on flickr where you can add your own photos of Jamison working his magic (as opposed to Jamison working the Magic).  To join the group and add some photos, follow this link:

If you're still confused about some of the aspects of this project, here's your FAQ:

Q: Why are we doing this again?
A: Because it's fun!  Besides, once I get enough pictures I'll be able make a slideshow featuring all of his funkified picutres, you want to see that right?

Q: Are we only allowed to add photos of Jamison as a Wizard?
A: Absolutely not, feel free to add photos of Jamison with the Warriors, Mavericks, or even the Tar Heels.

Q: Can we just e-mail the photos to you?
A: Sure.  I mean, you'll miss out on all the fun, but if you really, really want to.

Q: Are we only supposed to send photos of Jamison attempting a shot?
A: Not necessarily, if you have a picture of him making a goofy reaction to a shot, those count too.  But please refrain from pictures of him dunking or making a traditional looking shot.