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Open thread: Regular season game 26

The essentials:
Wizards (13-12) at Pacers (14-13)
7 p.m.
Conseco Fieldhouse

This year:
October 31: Pacers 119, Wizards 110 (OT).
November 14: Wizards 103, Pacers 90.

Notable Pacers numbers this season
14th in expected winning percentage (.526).
2nd in pace factor (97.2 possessions per game).
16th in offensive efficiency/offensive rating (106.8).
13th in defensive efficiency/defensive rating (106).

Key links
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Competition discussion: Indiana

Starting lineups:
PG: Jamaal Tinsley
SG: Mike Dunleavy
SF: Danny Granger
PF: Troy Murphy
C: Jermaine O'Neal

PG: Roger Mason
SG: DeShawn Stevenson
SF: Caron Butler
PF: Antawn Jamison
C: Brendan Haywood

Tonight's lines:
Pacers at Wizards: Pacers by 6
Over/Under on Big 2 scoring: 43.4 points.

Indiana gave up 131 to the Timberwolves yesterday.  Knowing how they've been playing this year, that means they'll hold us to 80 tonight.  

We've seen this team twice, so we should know how to play them.  They jack up a lot of threes, so it's very important to close out on them instead of naturally sagging into the lane.  Defensively, they foul a lot, (30th  in most free throws surrendered per shot attempt), so it's important to take the ball to the rim instead of settling for jumpers.  I'm talking to you, Caron Butler.  

This is an open game thread, so recall how remember Antawn Jamison was on Bill Simmons' Top 40 Trade Value list once upon a time.