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No Your Links: 12/21/07

  • If you were expecting a bike for Christmas, you're already too late. Caron has taken every single last one of them; and he's not giving them back:

    That is, unless you got one yesterday.

  • I Can't Feel My Face mania is spreading all over the East Coast as people try to explain it and mimic it. But if you really want to figure out what exactly is going on, I'd go to the source.
  • For those of you that don't know, Ivan Carter is a big Vikings fan so this question from the latest Wizards Insider chat was pretty funny:
    Washington: Ivan, who'd make a better quarterback -- Tarvaris Jackson or Antonio Daniels?
    Ivan Carter: Ouch.

  • Caron Butler didn't make the Bullets Forever Top 20, but he did make the Miami Heat's top 25. Speaking of the Heat, you just have to hate seeing a guy go down like this.
  • How long has it been since we've been able to assosciate Brendan Haywood with passion?
  • Get to know your latest Wizard.
  • Nick Young will forever be known as the The City.
  • D.C. Pro Sports Report on the Bulls Game:
    I think the team really missed Gilbert tonight. Gilbert could have overcome his teammates' offensive incompetence last night all by himself. He's done it before and he'll do it again. Last night was one of those games where Gil, seeing the problems the others were having with shooting, would have scored 40 points and led the team to a narrow win. Remember this game, all those who think the Bullets are better without Gil.

  • "For $100/class, I will teach you this. Or, if you have straws, I take that as compensation as well."
  • Finally, here's Asian Zero's latest video creation. I get the feeling he was a little upset about the Bulls game, but maybe it's just me: