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Youtubesman Report: Richard Hamilton is back to his impersonating ways

[Please note this post was made in jest, treat it accordingly. I have no ill feelings toward Richard Hamilton, although I still think he could do without the mask. -Jake]

Like just about every Wizard that's become a Piston, Richard Hamilton has seen a marked improvement in his performance after heading to Detroit.  But his Detroit emergence, Hamilton had already cemented his status as someone who liked to follow trends.  Most Wizards remember back in the days of MJ where a young Rip had a thing for mimicing MJ's celebrations after he hit his game-winners.  Just in case you forgot what it looked like, here's some visual reminders.

Even after he was traded to Detroit, he continued to copy some of the Wizards' moves.  Here he is doing a half-hearted impersonation of Brendan Haywood and Etan Thomas about 1:23 into the video:

Now in his latest Wizard impression, he's taken on DeShawn Stevenson:

OK, that last one was kind of a stretch but as you can see, there's a definite pattern to his actions.  If he hits a game-winner and turns around before it goes in, we'll know there's something fishy going on.