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Blogetology '07

Busted Coverage is running an NCAA basketball-like tournament with the top 64 blogs according to Ballhype's Blog Rankings.  As you can see by the little box near the top of the home page, Bullets Forever is ranked #44 which puts us as the 11th seed in the Midwest bracket against The Wizard of Odds.  Now I can't give you any reason why you shouldn't vote for TWOO, it's an awesome college football blog that I would recommend to anyone, but I can give you several reasons to vote for BF:

  1. It would be a great birthday present.
  2. Every bracket needs an upset.
  3. If Bullets Forever does advance, there's the potential for a showdown with DC Sports Bog in the second round, who doesn't want to see that?
  4. We have wallpaper!
  5. If you don't vote for us, I won't tell you how Richard Hamilton is finding new ways to impersonate Wizards (of Washington) every day.