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It's Mike Wilks

John N. Mitchell reports (and scoops Ivan Carter in the process).

The Washington Wizards will fill injured Antonio Daniels' roster spot with Mike Wilks, who was recently released by Denver last month, according to a league source with knowledge of the situation.

Wilks, a five-year veteran, was released by the Nuggets after eight games. In that time he averaged 3.0 points per game and 0.8 assists.

Wilks will not receive a guaranteed contract mostly because the Wizards (13-10) don't want to surpass the luxury tax trigger of $67.86 million, the point at the end of the season where teams over the trigger must pay a dollar-for-dollar tax for every dollar they exceed the plateau. His future with the team upon Daniels' return is unlikely.

This shouldn't be much of a surprise, considering the Rocky Mountain News report from three weeks ago, where Wilks said the Wizards had expressed interest in him.  Like VG stated, I'm glad we got a point guard who at least plays like AD, instead of getting a combo-guard type like Donnell Taylor.  

Truthfully, for our price range, Wilks probably fit best, so that's a good thing.