Um... Any of you guys able to play point guard tonight?

2-4 weeks without AD.  Last I checked, that leaves us with three shooting guards on our roster, plus Caron who can be moved to the 2 spot.  Forget the whole "pure point guard" vs "shoot-first point guard" debate, we don't have a point guard.  We're the Atlanta Hawks North for the next few weeks.

If opposing teams apply full-court pressure, I think the Wizards are toast.  This is worst than that game against Charlotte, where we weren't just missing Gil, Etan, and Pesh, but were without Haywood as well.  There we had to go small because of injuries.  Non-ideal, sure, but teams sometimes go small.  But hell, who's going to call out the offensive sets?!?

Anyone have ideas on how to survive this?

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