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If this doesn't convince you, nothing will

Do you still need reasons for why Nick Young should be in the Slam Dunk Contest?  How about 14:

  1. When's the last time that a Wizard/Bullet was in the SDC?  Unless I'm missing someone, I believe the answer is never.
  2. Young is the best dunker in the '07 draft class by far.  The NBA has to have someone representing the great '07 draft class right?
  3. How many other people can do this?
  4. Do you really want to leave someone whose game has been compared to MJ and Kobe put of the contest?
  5. He's an excellent dancer and he can get gangsta on you.
  6. The outside chance we might see him attempt a dunk wearing this:

  7. Has any other player gotten this much hype to play in the SDC?
  8. Like any other great dunker, Nick has to have a prop to jump over in mind.  My guess: Tommy Trojan.
  9. If Bethlehem Shoals thinks he deserves a spot, he deserves a spot.
  10. Unlike last year's winner, Nick Young actually listens to his coach.
  11. Contrary to popular belief, Darius Miles' reaction to this dunk was edited, he was actually reacting to this.
  12. If Nick Young can impress Gilbert Arenas, he has to be pretty good.
  13. Does anyone else have a dunk campaign T-Shirt? Check that, does anyone else have two dunk campaign t-shirts?
  14. Dwight Howard can slap a sticker on the top of the backboard.  Nick Young can slap a sticker on the top of Dwight Howard.