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No Your Links: 12/10/07

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  • Let's start off with the important news before we delve off into the random whatnot of today.  Wizards Insider and the Wizards Official Blog both say that Darius Songaila will be a game-time decision for tomorrow's game.  No word on if this has affected his unicorn hunting.
  • More fallout from DeShawn's posterization of Richard Jefferson last night:
    • FanHouse:
      It's all in the follow-through, and DeShawn Stevenson knows this. If DeShawn hadn't stared down RJ and done his little geeked-out face wave (and by extension not gotten T'ed up), this would be a good dunk. The post-surgery attitude makes it glorious.

    • D.C. Sports Bog:
      That DeShawn Stevenson dunk last night was pretty disgusting. Or putrid. Or nasty-filthy. Or sickening. Or nauseating. Or whatever "bad-in-a-good-way" word is currently en vogue. Despite a post-dunk technical for taunting, it led to a 28-14 Wiz run that led some to suggest that DeShawn actually jumping was a turning point in the game.

    • Scott Van Pelt Style credits DeShawn's beard for the dunk, which somehow led to a debate about how DeShawn should wear some Rec Specs on the court, something that I am in complete agreement with.

  • Roger Mason has been really consistent lately.  He goes through the same routine every day where he wakes up, takes a shower, gets ready for practice, watches this and then he heads off to work.
  • Today's word of the day is: Awesome.
  • I know that Yahoo(!)'s NBA Experts Blog has been linked to before on here because they added Kelly Dwyer who is one of the best NBA writers out there and today Rod Benson (The D-League's Gilbert Arenas) joined the team.
  • This isn't a link, just a thought: Cherish the next few days, with Songaila at less than 100% and Dominic McGuire's appearance on Blog Show tomorrow, the next few days are probably going to be the best chance to see Taser for an extended amount of time all year.