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No Your Links: 11/8/07

  • Let's start off with the important news about Gilbert.  No, not his knee, his blog has moved over to's Fan Voice section, where you can also find the blogs for Luol Deng, Charlie Villanueva, and Morris Almond.   In his latest entry, he's on the campaign trail for votes in Weblog Awards for Best Celebrity Blog.  We have to vote people!  We can't let Gilbert lose to Wil Wheaton!
  • As far as Gil's knee goes, it's still a wait-and-see, but if Antawn Jamison was a betting man, he'd say that Gilbert will probably play tonight.
  • Lots of great stuff from the Bog about the Wizards recently, although this one about Nick Young and Dominic McGuire in fur is clearly the best, especially since they wore the coats for their latest vlog.  Now the only question left is when is G-Man actually going to become a man?
  • The Dynamic Duo behind Wizards Insider had another chat yesterday, here was the most interesting Q & A from that session (in my opinion):
    Washington, D.C.: What happened to our beloved Brenda Haywood? She was replaced by Brendan this year.

    Ivan Carter: Brendan is playing as well as he has as a pro. Now, let's see if he can keep it up. He just seems far more relaxed about his role because he knows that he's going to get minutes on a consistent basis. In the past, Eddie was either looking for a reason to start Etan Thomas or he had a quick hook on Brendan. Now, he's got no other choice so Brendan is playing heavy minutes and he's happy. It's purely psychological with him.

  • Here's the inside scoop on what Meet the Team Night was like.
  • While offense was tinkered with in the Wizards' mini-camp, defense was still the main foucs.
  • According to ESPN's Accuscore prediction, the Wizards have a 38% chance of winning tonight.  I wouldn't count the Wizards out though, they're getting goody bags!  One thing you won't find in those goody bags is rare Manute Bol chicken.
  • Someone still has this?
  • If you're looking for an internship, the Blog Show can hook you up.