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Youtubesman Report: You will NOT block Darius Songaila

The first vid today comes from the Bog who delivers the full version of Wizards players trying to spell Oleksiy Pecherov's name:

Speaking of things you can see at the Verizon Center, here's the intro video for this season:

A few thoughts on the video:

  1. Loved the song choice, even if half of the NBA is using it this season.
  2. No love for Darius Songaila, Roger Mason, Nick Young, and Dominic McGuire?
  3. Antawn Jamison was going to be drive up in his car as well, but the director didn't think the 2005 Honda Odyssey would fit the image they were looking for.
  4. Oh wait, Dominic is in it.  Just look at seconds 44 through 46.
Since Darius wasn't included in the highlight reel, I give you this:

BONUS! Dan Steinberg talks with Brendan Haywood.