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10 Reasons for hope in a hopeless world

(A NYL of EPIC(!) proportions is on the way, if you need some links to tide you over until then, head over to the Bog)

  1. Say what you want about being torn up by guys like Dunleavy and Turkoglu, at least we didn't get victimized by a rook.
  2. Do you realize that if the Wizards had gone just a mere 4 of 16 (a still bad 25%) from beyond the arc, they would've only lost by eight to the Celtics?  
  3. I'll have more on this later, but Brendan is balling out of his mind!  If he keeps this up when the Big 3 get back to normal, the Wizards will be better than last year's team.
  4. Chicago and Miami are 0-3 too.
  5. A 4 day layoff is much more beneficial to a team that's cold than a team that's hot.  (Sorry, Colorado)
  6. Andray Blatche can spell! (More on that later)
  7. Gilbert is averaging 21-5-4 on one knee.  That means when he's back to full health he should average around 42-10-8.
  8. Dominic McGuire.
  9. Wolf Blitzer can fix our problems.
  10. Would you bet against a team that can bring this guy off the bench?  I wouldn't.