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It's just like a real camp, but mini-er

Hurry!  We're going to miss the bus to VCU!
(AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

In a very Joe Gibbs-like move, Eddie Jordan is reaching for the reset button.  According to Jordan is using the time between now and Thursday night's game as a "mini camp" to fix what's broken with the Wiz.

"We can bounce back," Jordan said. "If this was three in a row in January, there wouldn't be red flags. Since it is three in a row in the beginning of the season, we aren't in a rut. We are feeling good and we will bounce back."

Perhaps as important, it will give Gilbert Arenas a chance to rest his knee which he said after the game felt stiff.  As Truth About It noted, Gilbert wore a compression sock during warm-ups and you'd have to guess that played a big part in Gilbert's performance on Saturday night.

If you're Eddie Jordan, what would you make the main focus for mini camp?  Please refrain from saying "Everything!" or "Breaking Hedo Turkoglu's legs."