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Browse Victoriously

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I guess 3QC got me thinking about eBay so I went over there and checked out some of the Bullets stuff they had there.  Based on that I've made a few observations.

  1. This is easilty the Greatest. Shirt. Ever.
  2. Calbert Cheaney must be going bankrupt, because a Calbert Cheaney jersey is up for auction.  And we all know the only person that owns a Calbert Cheaney Calbert Cheaney.
  3. There's a Bullets dress up for auction.  I guess this means they're planning to have Mariah Carey do another concert at the All-Star Game for Wes Unseld.

So now you know what to get the Bullets fan in your life for Christmas. While we're at it, who wants to put the over/under on how long it takes until a photo of Kwame Brown at a leper colony surfaces on eBay?