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(Don't take this seriously, this is just an attempt to inject some humor in an otherwise depressing situation.)

I'm sure that a lot of you are upset about the lack of defensive improvement in the Wizards this season, and rightfully so.  But don't you dare say for a second that the Wizards haven't improved defensively.

You may or may not remember this, but last year the Wizards played the Celtics in the second game of the season.  In that game, the Celtics went for 117 points (!!!) thanks to 33 points from Wally Sczerbiak and Sebastian "I'm not the kind of guy to kiss and" Telfair.  Tonight, the Wizards held future HoFers Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to 22 and 28 points respectively.  That's an improvement!

Now some of you are probably saying "Well, they probably were playing at a faster pace, so they had more shots" but au contraire, the Celtics shot 37 of 70 from the field (52%) and 11 of 23 (48%) from beyond the arc.  Tonight the C's made only 39 of 81 from the field (48%) and 7 of 21 (33%) on three point attempts.  Had we exerted tonight's defensive performance last year, we totally would've kept the Boston Tanks under 90.  If you don't believe me, just check out the box scores from last year and this year.

In summary: I think it's clear that the Wizards are turning into the defensive stalwart we all knew they were.  I'm not enough of a prognosticator to predict where the Wizards will finish defensively this season, but I think they'll be in the top 30.