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Today's quality shots

  • Basketball Prospectus has an in-depth look at the future of Gilbert Arenas, his knee, and the team.  Let's just say it's not pretty.
    Arenas' knees are simply breaking down under the stress of his activity, as proven by continued, chronic swelling and the reduction of function in the twice-repaired meniscus complex. The three-month recovery quoted by the Wizards is extremely aggressive--most physicians interviewed for this piece felt that six months was a more likely scenario--but none would rule it out. "Pain tolerance is what it will come down to," said one orthopaedist who regularly performs this type of surgery on skiers. Arenas may be able to come back from this on his schedule, but for his career, the clock is ticking.

    As for the team's chances to survive without him, Kevin Pelton and Will Carroll hedge their bets a bit, but are fairly pessimistic, pointing to the incredible efficiency of Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison as evidence that they can't stay this hot for long.  They also question the defense, which has struggled since Gilbert went out.  A good read.

  • An interesting tidbit from deep inside this Rocky Mountain News article: The Wizards have some interest in Mike Wilks, who was just released by the Nuggets.  At least that's according to Wilks himself.  Here are his career numbers. UPDATE: According to Wizards Insider, no moves are planned at this time.
  • It's confirmed: Gilbert is pardoned for this moment.
  • Hogs Haven, Steinberg, and Jason LaCanfora have been doing an outstanding job covering the Sean Taylor tragedy.
  • Keep those diaries coming.
  • A pessimist would look at the number one guy on this list.  An optimist would consider the guy who should be on there and is five years younger.
  • Michael Lee loves him some Pacers.
  • Ballhype's Jason Gurney plots the birthplace of every NBA player on a Google map.  Fun times.