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No Your Links 11/26/07

  • Since I never really gave Gilbert's injury proper link closure, here's some post-injury links so you can finally get out your small, small hole:
    • If you have Arenas on your fantasy team, here's some survival tips.  Here's a tip: Start Butler.
    • Wages of Wins thinks that the Wizards can survive Gilbert's injury.
    • While the rookies are going to need to step it up in Gilbert's absence, the vets are really going to have to step it up.
    • Michael Wilbon isn't hitting the panic button yet.

  • When did Dominic McGuire and Nick Young become The Odd Couple?
  • The Nick Young for SDC '08 movements is gaining steam, but I doubt we'll see Steve Beuerlein jumping on the bandwagon anytime soon.
  • Yes, this is our coach.
  • Everything is bigger in Texas: the hats, the Germans, the steaks, the losses...
  • Is it any wonder that DeShawn's shooting percentage is down now that he can feel his face?
  • Is Chris Webber headed to the Lakers?
  • I don't know about you, but when I think about Michael Jordan, the first thing that comes to my mind is mexican food.