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Highest and Lowest Plus/Minus: Look Below

We could argue about the whole JC Navarro thing until we're blue in the face, and while it would be entertaining to watch the point of the matter is that the Spanish mafia was not going to stop until JCN and Pau Gasol were paired together and the Wizards still got a conditional 1st round pick out of the deal which might be the last piece to complete a deal at the trade deadline or before the draft.

Instead of getting into all of that, I'd like to talk about how weird this game was:

  • The Wizards made six more field goals and had four less turnovers than the Grizzlies and still lost by six.
  • Antawn Jamison played 35 minutes and was a +16 (highest on the team) for the night, Caron Butler played 41 minutes and was a -23 (lowest on the team).
  • Darius Songaila had more blocks than Hakim Warrick and Dominic McGuire combined.
  • Antawn Jamison shot 82% from the field and 75% percent from the line.
  • I think the thing that really needs to be discussed after tonight's game is how the Wizards couldn't hit anything on the left side of the court.  Outside of two three pointers from Antonio Daniels, the Wizards did not make a field goal any further left than the edge of the paint.  The shot chart doesn't lie, the left side of the court was like the Bermuda Triangle for the Wizards last night.

Remember that image the next time you're sailing in Tennessee.