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No Your Links: 11/19/07

  • Ominous quote of the day belongs to Stephania Bell, ESPN's injury expert, who had this to say about Gilbert's knee injury:
    The fact that Arenas is having persistent swelling, enough to get the knee drained twice, is cause for concern. This means that something is continuing to cause irritation inside the joint, which in turn causes swelling. Again, Arenas may return to play and play well, but the setback here raises the question of whether he will continue to have problems intermittently throughout the season.

    Granted, the article is from last week but that really doesn't make it any more comforting.
  • Brendan Haywood had some keys to success this off-season, twenty-four actually:  
    Haywood said he didn't do anything special this offseason, except that he spent more time in Charlotte instead of Washington. He kept the same workout routine and spent his down time watching all five seasons of "24" on DVD.

    "I'd go to the gym, work out, watch Jack Bauer and then I'd go back to the gym the next day," Haywood said, shrugging his shoulder.

    As if we all needed another reason to hope the writers' strike ends soon.
  • SLAM Online's Mike Greger was at the Wizards-Blazers game and has some game notes.
  • Last Second Shot was at the game as well and wonders what was up with the Wizards Hall of Fame
  • New blog on the block My Swog is Phenomenal spotted Oleksiy Pecherov shopping at Safeway, which I found odd because in the Ukraine, Safeway shop you!  (HT: The Bog)
  • Washington City Paper thinks the Wizards dance team is a little hefty.  (?!?)